NKD SKN Shower Tan Review

NKD SKN pre shower tan review Tan, tan tan, it’s my favourite thing to do. I must have tried 50 different types of self tan in my time, all claiming to be streak free, odourless, whatever. There’s varied types of tan, at various qualities but when you get down to it, they all work a similar way and do the same thing. It’s not that i’m bored of regular tanning products but when the innovative new NKD SKN Shower tan came through my letterbox, my excitement to tan definitely increased. Having worked with NKD SKN before, you may have seen a few post featuring their products. With the release of this exciting new product however, it was inevitable that they’d make their way into another feature. 

In essence, the product is a gradual tan. It’s to be applied 10 minutes before a shower and the results will begin to be noticeable after the tan develops in 4-6 hours. This is much handier than a regular gradual tan because after the product is washed off 10 minutes post application, you no longer need to worry about it. Only 10 minutes of being careful is required before you’re free to spill things down yourself, sweat like crazy and whatever else you like. As someone who is prone to spilling things down herself I can appreciate how useful this is.

Of course I brought out the Olympus (Pen of course) whilst trying this to photograph the results. 

SKN SKN Pre shower tan review with before and after photos

The result of the tan was extremely natural, perhaps too much so for someone seeking a deep tan. But I myself, was very happy with the colour difference. It looks although I’ve spent a couple of days sunning it up outside (when, in fact I’ve been hunched over a laptop screen loningly staring out the window). Without being informed, there’s no way an onlooker would know that I’d fake tanned, and that’s what I like in a product. For a deeper tan this is definitely build-able, which I experimented with topping up a couple of days later.

I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this product. If you fancy giving it a try too, it’s available for the discounted price of £9.29 at Superdrug. 

*Items sent for review, all opinions remain my own

Sensationail Polish To Gel Nail Kit Review

Sensationail polish to gel kit review Ever since a friend dragged me into the salon for my first gel manicure, completely hooked on having them done. Although there’s much worse things to be hooked on than having pretty nails, at £15-£10 a time, it was becoming a pretty expensive habit. I remember being told previously about the Sensationail gel kits from a fellow shellac lover but at £15 for each gel polish, that too was still a pricey option. It looked inevitable that i’d be spending a decent chunk of wage per month on regular manicures until I came across the Sensationail polish to gel transformer starter kit. Yes, you really can change your own varnish into shellac! Having loads of my own polishes already I figured this would be a good investment. I did worry the effect wouldn’t be quite as good as that of real gel/shellac but at at £34 down from £49 at Boots, I decided it was worth a try.

Obviously I had to try the kit out as soon as I got home and, being a good blogger for once, I photographed my experience. The kit contains a lightweight LED lamp, a bottle of gel cleanser, primer and the polish to gel formula, lint free wipes (whatever that is), a mixing pot, double sided nail buffer and a manicure stick.

Sensationail polish to gel review

The application process is pretty simple. File and buff the nail as normal before using the gel primer to prepare for the gel. The idea is to mix equal parts of your chosen nail varnish with the polish to gel mix, into the mixing bowl. You then use the brush of your chosen nail varnish to coat your nails with the gel. This seems like a bit of a fault to me as it’s a pain having to wipe down the varnish of your brush every time to make sure the quantities are equal. It would have been better if the kit came with a separate application brush.

It took 3 coats with the polish mix to cover well, curing for 30 seconds a time with the LED light. The last step of polishing is to run a layer of pure gel polish over the top of the nails and cure it. This is my favourite step as it gives the nails dimension and that ‘gel look’. Once cured the nails need to be wiped to remove the stick with the cleanser and lint free wipes then they’re done.

I wasn’t at all expecting the finished look to be quite so similar to that of salon nails. I might be bias but i’m extremely impressed with how professional they look. It’s been a week or so as i’m writing this and i’m still chip free. My nails have as much dimension as i’d expect from shellac for a much more affordable cost.

Sensationail polish to gel kit reviewSensationail polish to gel kit review


  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry around
  • Finished look was professional
  • Good value for money


  • Only one mixing pot (it’s quite hard to clean)
  • Small bottles of cleanser and primer which will have to be replaced
  • Doesn’t come with separate application brush

Overall, i’m really happy with the kit and can’t wait to use it on everyone I know. If you’re a fan of gel nails it’s definitely worth picking up one of these as you’ll save a fortune over time. They are avalaible online and in Boots stores.

Transform your nails with Nailtiques

Nailtiques review Nailtiques review

Long before I started blogging I came across the most amazing product, recommended by a friend to enhance nails. I gave it a try without expecting much, there’s so many products out their that claim to have miraculous effects yet never do. Well this stuff worked like crazy. A couple of weeks in and my nails were twice the length and stronger than I knew nails could be. My polish no longer chipped and several people questioned if I was wearing acrylics. When the bottle ran out, for some crazy reason, I didn’t buy more. The price tag was pretty hefty (i’ll get to that) and I was a jobless 16 year old college student at the time.

Recently ive been looking after appearance more and and decided to buy a new bottle. As soon as I brought it I was adamant id be writing a review as last time I remember it being one of the craziest nail transformations. I’ve been so excited so share this review ever since and i’ve finally been using it long enough to get some decent after pictures!

Nailtiques before and afterMy nails are 100x’s stronger now. Before the ends would easily bend back and now they’re rock solid. Polish stays on so much longer and I rarely get chips. They’re also growing a lot faster and are overall more healthy. I cannot rave enough about this product. It really does the job. The the cheapest place I could find it was Look Fantastic, and at £13 for a tiny bottle it’s pretty expensive. In my eyes, although expensive it is worth the money as the results are similar to that of getting nail extensions or acrylics.

If anyone has used anything similar i’d love to know. How did it work for you?

Moroccana Argan Brand Focus

Moroccana argan oil productsA new company Morocccana recently got in touch regarding a brand focus post. I absoblelty love discovering new brands (think I have mentioned this 188378 times now). The company only supply hand made, natural products sourced themselves in Morocco, guaranteeing fresh, genuine products. (Obviously) the entire company is centred around Argan oil which is one of my very favourite beauty product ingredients so I was extremly excited to try what they have to offer.

In this little starter set the brand sent me is 5 f it’s newest products. A bottle of pure argain oil. This can be used for so many different purposes. I personally love it for rubbing into the nail cuticles to help strengthen and repair. I also rub a little into my split ends every other day to help them look less frizzy. They also offer this in a roller ball version which is perfect for travel. Although these two aren’t yet available on site they’re well worth looking out for. In the meantime they do have out their grapefuit lip care set.  Complete with a balm and scrub, the set is made with 100% natrual products and, of course, argan oil. It’s available in a few different scents but I personally love the graptfruit version. They’re both handy hangbag sizes so ive been carrying them around and using on the go which my lips are definitely thanking me for. Lastly, I received a spray bottle of the organic argan oil. This is sooo handy as the liquid versions can be a little messy. I’ve been spraying this on the ends of my hair and the dry patches on my elbows and knees and it’s working a treat to keep them healthy and hydrated. The product can also be used on the face and neck like a moisturiser so it really is a great all rounder. 

What do you think of the company?

What to expect from a day at the spa


Spa days are the ultimate luxury. For a celebrity experience, a day spa on Maui has to be top of most people’s bucket list, but if a relaxing Maui day spa is not in your budget, start planning a spa day somewhere local. If you look around, there are bound to be spas close by where you can enjoy being pampered to within an inch of your life. So what can you expect from your spa day?

Most people try a spa day when a loved one books it as a gift. As a result, they won’t know what to expect from the day, and might be a little nervous as a result. You really don’t need to worry, however, as spa days are supposed to be relaxing and fun. The staff are there to make sure you have the best possible experience, so nothing will be too much trouble. If you are still a little unsure, give the spa a call and find out what kind of treatments they offer and what the normal schedule is. This should reassure you a bit.

What Spa Features to Expect

There will be some variations between different spas, but in general, you can expect to find hot tubs, massage rooms, hot and cold showers, and a range of different spa treatments. You will have a choice about the treatments you want to try, so don’t feel pressurized into having a treatment you don’t want. They are all optional!

What Happens When You Arrive?

When you arrive at your spa, you will be welcomed at the check-in desk. Spa guests are allocated a locker, where they can store their personal belongings, and invited to change into a comfortable robe and slippers.

You are free to try the various facilities at your leisure, but some treatments may be on a timetable. If this is the case, the staff will remind you when your treatment is due. In the meantime, take a relaxing dip in the hot tub or sit and unwind in the sauna for 20 minutes. If you go for a swim or use the hot tubs, don’t forget to step under the shower and rinse off the chlorine before you have any treatments.

Spa Treatments

Different day spas offer different treatments, but massages are always popular, along with facials, manicures and pedicures.

If you elect to have a massage, don’t worry about getting naked. This will not happen. Therapists are trained to drape their clients to preserve modesty at all times, but if you are uncomfortable at any point, just let the therapist know. Conversation during a massage is entirely option, so don’t feel obliged to chatter about vacations and family.

Food and Drinks at a Day Spa

At the end of your day spa, you will normally be given the opportunity to have a glass of wine or champagne, along with lunch or dinner (depending on the package you have chosen). A day spa is a lovely treat, so make sure you take full advantage if your partner buys you a day spa pass as a gift.

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