How To Use Self Discipline For Weight Loss

Although I’m still young enough not to worry too much, we all like to watch our weight. Staying in a healthy weight band is not only good for our looks, but lowers the chances for all kinds of health problems in later life. Like a lot of people, you might have trouble finding the self-discipline to lose all the weight you want to. Here are some methods which might help with that.

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I’ll start off with an easy one. Reduce your portion sizes gradually. The biggest hindrance to your self-discipline is usually being too used to the way things are. The best way to tackle this is by changing your habits little by little, making it much easier to adjust to. If it’s not too late, you can start applying this technique today. Prepare the same dinner as you usually would, but give yourself a slightly smaller portion. It might help to set yourself a specific quota for the weight of ingredients you’re going to reduce. After eating, if you don’t feel full enough, try to avoid snacking. If you absolutely have to, then make yourself a smaller snack.

My second tip is to encourage yourself to do better, rather than being hard on yourself. I know how easy it is to skip a day at the gym. I also know about the habitual self-loathing that comes after this! Feeling like we’ve failed ourselves can feel awful, and stewing in all those negative feelings can totally drain us of the willpower we need. Even if you have failed yourself, learn to forgive yourself. Recognise that you shouldn’t have had that chocolate bar, but don’t react with hostility. Instead, encourage yourself to be more disciplined next time around. This, combined the great feeling you’ll get when you notice the weight dropping off, is much better for your self-discipline than guilt and shame.

You may have already tried to improve your self-discipline by yourself. If you still find yourself slacking off, then perhaps you could do with some outside help. Many people are far too used to breaking their own rules. When you’re afraid of letting someone else down, you may find it much easier to stick to targets. Find a close friend who seems to be doing better with weight loss, and start exercising and dieting together. You’ll be able to encourage each other when someone’s slipping behind, and share tips for keeping to your regime. If you really want to pull the stops out, then consider a Prestige boot camp. These are great because you mix with people who are in the same situation as you, and you’ll feel more inclined to help each other out. Aside from that, the qualified staff are there to make sure you’re on track.

I hope these self-discipline tips have helped you to get closer to your goal. There are many other techniques for improving your willpower, so go ahead and do find out more. 

3 Realistic Things To Give Up For Lent

3 things to give up for lentWhen I was younger I tended to give up crazy things for lent. Sending my bed to a homeless charity and sleeping on the floor for 40 nights was one slightly crazy example (noble though right?). Well, since getting older, i’ve found myself loosing more and more willpower and giving up things is not so easy. I’d love to be able to give up things for lent again but  find it pretty disheartening when I can’t manage it; that’s why I’ve come up with 3 achievable things to give up for lent:

Giving up having alcohol more than once a week

Being a student this one may be my toughest. I’d love to be able to give up the drink all together for a whole 7 weeks but it’d just be an impossible task. I’m 20, I enjoy nights out with my friends and that’s not a bad thing at all. This goal though will help me cut back, help out my skin, and give me more time to focus on other things without completely eliminating my social life.

Giving up lie ins more than once a week

I have been laaaaazy recently. My goal for lent is to set the alarm and make sure i’m out of bed at a suitable time. I’m still toying around with how late a lie in actually is (is it too bad if I say before midday?) but once set I am determined to stick with it. As much as i’d like to be up bright and early for a productive day each day of the week, sometimes, due to a late night or whatever a lie in is just what I need to make up some extra hours sleep and keep my body healthy.

Giving up missing more than one lecture/seminar a week

I’m sure we’ve all been there (well I hope it’s not just me) getting out of bed at 8 and dragging yourself to a 3 hour lecture is not the most appealing thing. When you’re paying £9,000 a year though every lecture adds up and my biggest goal is to get the most of University that I can. I am aiming to go to every single lecture/seminar throughout lent, but if I miss one here or there, I won’t be too hard on myself.

What are you giving up for lent this year? Do you think these goals are realistic?

Plumper Lips With Fillerina | Review



Long time no review! Luckily i’m back with a very exciting product- Fillerinas new lip volume ‘Magic wand’. For those of you who don’t know about the brand Fillerina’s products are often  they’re often described as the ‘at home botox’. Well the lip plumper is no exception, designed to mimic the effect of lip fillers. The lip volume wand uses the power of hyaluronic acid, clinically proven to give lips a long lasting plumping effect. The price of £40- £47 is pretty steep. For those of you with a low budget it may be worth shopping around for cheaper version. If however, you want a great quality alternative for lip fillers, this is the product to go for. After all, the price tag is way less of cosmetic surgery. The product itself is really simple to use. Click the bottom pump a couple of times and apply a layer of the liquid that comes out onto the lips using the roller ball. It’s said to be used 5 times a day for a month to maximise results which, obviously, I put to the test.

The results

I am currently half way through my months trial of the product. I have been applying 5 times a day as recommended (although I may have missed a few, oops). The application process was so easy. I was expecting the product to give an unpleasant tingling feeling but it didn’t at all. I also worried that it would dry and chap my skin but after some research I found that it’s been specially designed not to stop your lips creating their own moisture. After 2 weeks of use I can see noticeable effects to the plumpness of my lips. They feel fuller and look more dramatic. I’m yet to see a huge difference but am so far impressed. I’ll be posting updates via Twitter over the next couple weeks.

With Valentines day just around the corner this could be the perfect gift, or treat to yourself! Fillerina volumising magic wand is available exclusively from M&S online.

Things to do before turning 20!



Next week I turn 20, 20! I will be in my 20’s! Can you tell i’m freaking out? For the first time i’ll be on official adult; it’s pretty terrifying. The thought, though, did give me an idea for this post so it’s not all bad. Being a teenager is the best time to get all the crazy messed up parts of your life out the way. There’s so many things I wanted to do before I left my teenager years. So here’s a big list of things to do before you turn 20:

  • Ride home from a night out in a shopping trolley
  • Go out at 3am for no reason
  • Stay out all night
  • Go abroad with friends
  • Call a friend at 2am to come over when you’re upset
  • Go to a friends at 2am when they’re upset
  • Road trip
  • Do something that scares you
  • Cry on public transport
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Tell someone that you like them
  • Put away your phone for a day (or two)
  • Play a drinking game
  • Book a spontaneous trip
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Be on the phone for hours
  • Feed a homeless person
  • Walk barefoot
  • Write for fun
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Vote
  • Yell when you’re mad
  • Get extremely drunk
  • Be selfish
  • Cry hysterically in front of people
  • Kiss strangers
  • Be slightly drunk whilst doing a food shop
  • Make a strangers day
  • Get through something that, at the time, you think is going to end your world

I did manage to get through the majority of these… and I still have a week left, who knows I might make a full house!

Things They Don’t Tell You About University

university lifestyle

When I first starting applying to Universities I was constantly reading posts like this, and still am, so I thought it was time to write my own. There’s lot’s of things about University that you’ll never find out even from endless open days. It’s undoubtedly a great experience but also an extremely challenging one. I would urge everyone interested in attending University to go, but be prepared.

The hard days are really hard.

Most of the time things are great, but when something does happen the problem seems to be 1000x’s worse than it would be at home. Maybe it’s all the homesickness, the change, having to look after yourself, or a mix of the three. Whatever it is, it seems to throw things out of proportion and things can get really tough.

You will be completely broke.

Never until I went to University did I realise how expensive food was! When food shopping with my parents i’d throw any item that takes my fancy into the cart. Alone, it’s a completely different story. I do my grocery shopping with a calculator, crying over the price of potatoes and trying to fit to my £10 a week budget. Yes there’s student loans but if you come from a middle class background there’s no way your loan is even covering your accommodation and even with the highest loans, the expenses can often be more. I’ve always been extremely good at budgeting but I know a fair few people that

At some point throughout the year you will be forced to wash your clothes in the sink because you’re too poor for the laundrette.

Haha yep…

Living with people is both amazing and horrible.

As great as it can be to constantly be around people, wake up to eat breakfast together, always have someone to watch movies with or cheer you up when you’re sad, it has it’s downsides. It’s pretty easy to go from 0 to Geordie Shore in a matter of days. Living with a group of other teenagers is tough. There’s a lot of personalities around and it’s hard to get along all the time.

Your sleeping pattern WILL be dreadful.

Admittedly, this is something I was told a lot before I went to Uni, but I never believed it. Growing up on a working farm I’ve always been early to rise and to bed in the evening. I never thought my pattern would change too much. After a few months of University though, it seems perfectly normal to go to bed at 5am, get up at 8 for lectures then make up time by sleeping a few hours in the afternoon. Oh and sleeping 18 hours at the weekend to catch up is a regular occurrence.

All that said, I absolutely love University; it’s a great experience and I couldn’t live without it. Good luck to everyone applying this January.


Ever heard a buzz about the American Teeth whitening strips,been dying to try them but not wanted to pay the huge cost of shipping to the UK? Enter Doll White. Doll White is a UK based teeth whitening company specialising in teeth whitening strips, just like the sort after US version. There kits come in packs of 14, 28, 42, and 56. They should be used 14 times for best results but some whitening effects should be noticeable after a few days. The great thing about these are that they’re peroxide free so there’s no worries about damaging your teeth in the long run. My only slight issue with the product is that they seem to give me a bit of a sore throat. Nothing major though and it’s often worth it for the results. To try Doll White yourself shop here.


It’s pretty rare now that I do singular beauty product reviews, usually I try to work products into brand focus’ or feature posts. Something that found it’s way through my door recently has however changed my mind and I couldn’t help giving it it’s own post.

freedom budget makeup palette review

The Freedom make up , house of Glamdolls Exotica doll look, palette is basically everything you could need with make up in one palette. With 4 brow powders, 3 highlighters, 10 eye shadows, 2 blushers and 4 lipsticks, it’s perfect for travel if you don’t want to be lugging around loads of products. The quality is great for such a budget price of £8 and the shade choices are perfect. I particularly love the ‘mystery’ blusher and the ‘seduce’ lipstick.

house of glam dolls palette
Shop Freedom make up here.


blog post ideas for the new year

As my seasonal post ideas were increasingly popular this year, I’ve decided to branch out into a January version. January is a time for fresh starts and productiveness and I wanted to incorporate that into the topics. I hope they help with inspiration:

2016 Goals
Writing goals down is a great way to be sure you make them happen and why not share with your audience. Goal posts are always a great read for the New Year and encourages others to set their own.

Career Goals
Something a bit more specific; any plans for you career in 2016? Again, writing goals down is a great way of making them happen.

New Years Resolution
Planning on giving something up, starting a new hobby, have specific …. you want to acomplish in the New Year? Share them on your blog. It’s interesting to compare resolutions and get some ideas as well as giving each other some encouragement.

New Years Eve OOTD
New years eve is a great excuse to get dolled up for a big night out. Share what you wore and outfit inspiration on the blog.

Life Update
Even with fashion, beauty, cooking, etc blogs, it’s nice to have a personal post every once in a while. It’s great to know a bit more about the person behind the blog. With so many blogs out there your personality really does play a huge part in the reason your site is read. It’s a good idea then, to sit down on occasion and write up a bit of a life update- they make for great reading.

Christmas Round-up 
Although the holidays are over, it’s not time to forget about them yet. The new year is a great time to reflect on your Christmas memories and write up a round up post.

Revise a Post From Last Year
Blogging for over a year? Why not look back onto one of your old posts and revamp it? Post we did years ago tend not to be our best work. I know I cringe looking back at some of mine. Perhaps you had a great idea for content and can revise it  with your new knowledge and expertise. I know i’ll be republishing a lot of my old content ideas throughout 2016.

Let me know if you wrote about any of these- I’d love to read them.



2016 blogging goals

There’s lot’s of goal posts floating around this time of year. After reading a load i’ve decided to create a blogging version for myself. It’s coming up to my 2nd full year of blogging so it’s time I sat down and started strategizing ; and what better place to start?!

Starting with statistics; it’d be great to up my follower count by the end of the year. I’ve set my goals at quite a high amount so may take some work; at least I have something to work towards!

Twitter: 3000
Instagram: 3000
Bloglovin: 2000

Improve my photography
This seems to be a pretty standard goal for a lot of bloggers. Photography is a huge part of blogging and social media so it’s only natural to want to perfect it. Try as I might, photography is something that’s never come naturally to me (and I have the D grade at Alevel to prove it). I’m hoping this year that will change with the help of my new purchase; The Olympus Pen EPL7. This is a hugely loved blogging camera and I can’t wait to start using it and hopefully greatly improve the quality of my blog photographs.

Improve my Instagram
Instagram is something I really want to target this year. I’ve always been envious of girls with beautiful instagram accounts. With my new Olympus Pen i’m hoping to be able to keep mine really active and share loads of great content. If you’re not already following me on Instagram, go and do so as i’m determined to make it worth looking at!

The transition from Blogger to WordPress
Recently I’ve felt like I may be outgrowing blogger. I know a lot of bigger bloggers have made the transition to WordPress and I think it may be time for me to follow suit. For Christmas I was brought a domain name to use for my personal website which I will be hosting on WordPress. I know it’s a difficult task to move blogs over but it is one that I think will greatly benefit me in the long run. After a lot of preparation work i’m hoping for this goal to come to life in a couple of months- wish me luck!

Engage more
When I first started blogging I was constantly involve with the community. chatting to people on Twitter, reading and commenting on countless blog posts, attending events. The last 6 months or so i’ve been so busy i’ve not done any of that and it’s something I really miss and want to get back into in 2016.

So those are all my 2016 blogging goals- fingers crossed I achieved them. I’d love to here what other peoples blog aspirations are for this year!