Period hack; SanitaryOwl & Giveaway

Sanitaryowl reviewSanitaryowl review  Sanitaryowl review IMG_3134

Tampons through the letterbox? Sounds kind of an odd thing to be delivered right? Well when you think about it, or try it yourself, it’s actually really friking handy. It removes all the hassle of remembering to pick some up around that time of the month, insuring you have enough in and it’s just a pretty cool concept in general. Well I think so anyway, which is why i’m writing this review of Sanitary Owl.

SanitaryOwl is a subscription service that allows you to customise your own box and work it around your period. On the website you firstly pick the brand of tampon or pad you like (multiple options are available), select how many you need and add your extras;They  have the option to add in extras, such as Lindtt chocolate, ibuprofen and heat pads If you’re someone who suffers with bad cramps (I feel you girl) then this is the ideal way to make sure that you’re stocked up on period necessities. Nobody wants to be trekking to the nearest Boots when your stomach feels like it’s getting a repeated kicking.

You can pick how often you want the box to come and time it to be delivered at the right time of the month for you. This is ideal for me as I never plan when my period is going to come and what better reminder than a box full of tampons arriving through the door?

The parcel is delivered in a subtly marked outer box. The inside comes all wrapped up in tissue paper, which is cool. Who doesn’t want their tampons wrapped up like a present? Inside there’s an array of the chosen tampons and pads, plenty for one period, some disposable sanitary product bags and whatever add ons you ordered. I have a handy pouch in mine that can be used for keeping a few products in your day bag when out the house.

So once you’ve used up the contents another box will arrive through your door in time for you next period. Handy right? I wouldn’t go so far to say this has made me excited for my time of the month, but it definitely makes it feel a lot better! Particularly so if you have a box with chocolates.

If you want to use this subscription service yourself, I have a voucher code for you. It’s DRUGSTORE1 and you can use it to get £1 off each of your first three boxes. I’ll also be giving away one box including a Lintt chocolate bar to one reader. Enter via the rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


The giveaway will run for 3 weeks. After this time a winner will be selected at random. The winner must have completed all mandatory entries or will be disqualified. The winner will be contacted and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. The free box only applies to tampons and pads (and the chocolate too of course). Anything extra will have to pay for by the winner. This competition is hosted by in partnership with Santiryowl. is not liable for the prize being received by the winner however I am happy to help with any problems and will do my best to insure the winner receives the competition prize.

*This blog posts contains items sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

18 Months in an open relationship; My experience

open relationshipThere’s so many different ways I could go with this post. I’ve stumbled over many different introductions and decided to keep things straightforward because there’s a lot of points I want to get across.

I want to start by explaining it’s origin; why I decided I needed to write about this topic. I don’t want to blow my own horn here but I’ve gained a fair few Twitter followers the past few months. For the first time in my life I have people online who know things about my personal life. I realised that I was often tweeting a lot of mixed messages. Occasionally talking about my relationship and occasionally talking about flirting with someone new or seeing someone I fancy. I went to type up a tweet to set this straight and then realised I was too nervous to publish. This lead me to think about why, and I realised; I am the only person I know in this situation. Never once have I, after endless reading of various blog categories, stumbled across a relating post. Then I thought about my life away from online. Does anyone apart from a couple of very very close friends know about my situation? Nope, they don’t. I realise I either identify as single, or as in a relationship just to keep things simpler. But is it really to keep things simpler? No it isn’t. It’s because i’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed because it’s not seen as ‘normal’ or ‘the done thing’, because if I told people they’d be shocked or ask 100 questions. Well in my eyes my situation feels nothing but normal, it’s healthy and i’m happy which is why I am writing this post because surely, surely I can’t be the only person in an open relationship?

The first thing people will ask is: But surely you can’t care about him that much if you’re still seeing other people?

Well no. I absolutley adore him, much but this situation just works for us. We’re long distance, both at different Universities, and have separate lifes. If we were to try being exclsuive it just wouldn’t work. We talk about a future and have every intention to be together properly one day, but right now we’re young, and not ready to commit. That doesn’t take away how much we care about each other.

Another: But how does it work? Do you have ground rules?

No, we don’t have any set ground rules but there are some things we just won’t do. Like we won’t talk about other people unless somethings happened. At the end of the day, I want him to be happy and to help out with all his problems so, if a girls pissed him off or upset him. I’ll be there to hear him out and cheer him up. Ok, I know that bit sounds weird. This situation is very different to a ‘normal’ relationship , i’m not denying that, but I do want to explain why it works.

Don’t you feel paranoid all the time?

Nope, I’m so confident in the fact that he will never find anyone he cares about more than me and I know i’ll never fall for anyone like I have for him. If I see other people, it’s only very casually. I could never get serious with someone else whilst being involved with him and I know it’s the same situation for him.

So yeah, weird post right? It may or may not have been useful. It may possibly have helped you understand open relationships and be able to justify them better now (I hope so anyway). Either way, writing this has made me feel better and at least know I have an explanation for why one day i’ll be tweeting my excitement about a getaway with bae one day and creeping on attractive people on public transport a few days later. Let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to answer.


Thoughts I Had Whilst Doing a PR Internship

PR InternshipI’ve been a little awall from blogging recently, if you noticed, then thank you, if not, I don’t blame you. I am quite the sporadic poster as it is. My absence has been for reasons other than laziness this time around. I’ve been living it up in London and working a public relations internship. Studying a marketing degree PR has always been a route i’d considered taking and with it going hand in hand with blogging, I thought i’d give it a try. My couple of months at the firm was interesting, insightful, both demanding and a little boring at times. Having never worked in an office environment or in anything corporate before an abundance of thoughts, often random. came to me. If you’re thinking of going into PR here are some things you might end up thinking about:


I wonder if anyone will notice if I don’t pick up any phone calls for the entire internship

Ok picking up phones isn’t so bad

I hope there’s a gift bag spare for me.

Oh you want me to write a blog post? That’ll be hard.. jk im on it

No we won’t pay you to eat a free meal so that you can publish it on your 400 follower DA16 blog.

I must have pissed off so many PR’s as a blogger

I actually like answering phone calls.

How much coffee is too much coffee?

It’s so cool that I have my own work email

Is this communal coffee or am I stealing someones Nescafe?

I wish I was in one of those cool startup firms with an office puppy

Oxford street on my lunch break? That’s a good idea

Shit i’m 20 minutes late back after lunch

Ooh i’m going to calculate all the money I would be getting from this if I were getting paid

Shit I shouldn’t have done that…

Yeah, this is good. I think this is what I want to do

Maybe with less errands to run…

Ways to spend time online

Ways to pass time online

This seems a strange start to the post given the glorious weather we’ve had lately. Let’s face it though, this is England. Any day now and it’ll be back to random rain storms and freezing days mid-summer so yep… some indoor pastimes are probably a good idea to have on hand. If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me and spend a large portion of your time indoors online. Well good, because there’s a tone of interesting ways to spend time on the internet. Here are a few of my favourites:

Reading blogs

Bloglovin is a great way to keep up to date with your favorite blogs. You can search categories, follow accounts, and receive recommendations for posts you might like.

Playing Games

I can’t lie, every now and then I get a massive nostalgia kick to play all the online games I used to love as a child and you know what? They’re still pretty fun. Miniclip and mousebreaker were always my favorite. I’m a bit of a horse nerd so showjumping games were also my favorite. I also love Insaniquarium and Gold Miner Vegas.

One of my favorite things to do is get dressed up and head down to the casino for a fancy dinner and a bit of blackjack. But when you don’t feel like going out however, mobile casino can be a great way to spend a bit of time and if you’re good enough, like me ;), win yourself a bit of money. In my opinion, a good online casino, has a mix of games, like blackjack and roulette mixed with some fun, and easy to play games.

Entering Competitions

This is something I’ve gotten into recently. There’s so many amazing competitions and giveaways online it can be pretty fun to work through and enter a few. I love daydreaming about how I’d spend that £500 holiday gift voucher or which watch I’d go for if I won certain things. Money Saving Expert have a great forum that flags up daily competitions that are all free to enter.

How do you spend time online?

Thoughts I had whilst working in the Next sale

Next sale

This year Next held one of their biggest sales ever, with every sale item half price or less, and, as usual the doors opened at 5am. At that time the majority of you would have been tucked up in bed, or the bargain hunters ready at the door; either way i’m jealous because this year, I worked the Next sale. I can’t say I wasn’t warned but the 5am shift and midnight finish didn’t seem quite so bad in my head. Here’s a collection of thoughts I had during the shifts:

It’s SO early

Omg all this kids stuff is soo cute I want a child so I can buy it all

I’m going to be sooo hench after lifting all this

Who new clothes could be so heavy

Seriously who gets up at 5am to go shopping?

oooh those boots are cute, i’d get up at 5 for them!

I never want to see children’s clothes ever again

Well opening deliveries is a lot more fun when it’s stuff i’ve ordered for myself

How can one shop be so busy?

Why is everyone leaving Mcdonalds wrappers everywhere!

How can you possibly have knocked down 7 things since I tidieded that isle 30 seconds ago???

Oh I have work friends, that’s cute

Not that i’m ever going to see them again

I wonder if anyone will notice if I take a lil nap in the corner

15 minutes left

12 minutes left

9 minutes left

Has the clock stopped or what??

Omg finally over!

Ok that wasn’t that bad actually…

On a lighter note. Did anyone pick up anything good in the sales? I’ve seen so many things I want to buy for myself.