First Date Outfit Ideas

first date outfit ideasI’m on holiday yay! Right now i’ll be sunning it up on Ocean Beach Ibiza so today’s post is a guest post from the lovely Roxana. Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing following her on twitter and facebook. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine. Enjoy!

Fab First Date Outfit Options

So, you’ve got yourself a date, eh? That’s great news! Taking the time to think about all the fun you’re going to have on your first rendezvous is definitely the right step to savour the new experience and come up with the right questions that will help you and your date deepen the acquaintance. And while you’re at it, bear in mind that there’s no reason to feel stressed and nervous about your first meet-up. Remember, a person who gives off a relaxed and natural attitude is always more attractive than someone who’s anxious and insecure. You can use this cue when choosing your first-date outfit: the right getup is a guarantee that your date and yourself will be seeing each other again.

Be Casual

If you and your date are going for a coffee or a quick snack, you don’t need to put on the most expensive getup in your wardrobe, or a gala dress. For a casual date, keep your styling in the same lane. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should show up in the clothes you wear at home, such as sweatpants or baggy shirt. Pick an outfit you would wear when going out for a shopping spree or a coffee with your friends. Your casual date clothes should represent your personality while allowing you to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Dose of Modesty

Regardless of whether you’re going to a coffee shop or fancy restaurant, be careful not to show too much skin right off. While being confident about your body is a very attractive quality, too much nude skin on the first date can actually put your date off. Looking gorgeous and sexy is in no way linked to exposing too much of your body to a stranger’s gaze. If you’re set on wearing a mini skirt, keep your upper body duly covered. On the other hand, if you’re going to wear pants, think about revealing a bit of your arms, or at least avoid a turtle neck.

Don’t Change Your Style

According to the latest dating tips, you should never try to be someone you’re not and wear clothing you don’t even like in order to impress your date. The first rule of dating is to present yourself as honestly as possible. Of course, no dating expert will tell you to reveal all about your life in the first couple of hours of a potential relationship, but it is essential to stay true to yourself. This doesn’t apply to your behaviour and attitude only: it also includes your choice of outfit. Is there any point in dressing for the date the way you never normally do? Do you even know what kind of fashion style will appeal most to your date? Contrary to popular fashion misconceptions, people generally don’t care about the style itself – they care about the way you rock and own it. If you’re uncomfortable and aching when wearing heels you’ve never worn before, your date will probably notice your discomfort, which will lessen the meeting’s success.

Play It Safe, Play It Cool

The best way to go about the outfit when you’re meeting your date for a casual coffee is to wear something that fits your everyday style, with perhaps a few twists and interesting details – nothing flashy, tough. Overdressing is no less of a fashion mistake even if your first date is going to be a dinner or lunch at a fancy restaurant. To play it safe in this case, look no further than your little black dress. Classy, timeless, and trendy, the little black dress is a girl’s perfect pick for a classy dinner date.

The way you dress for a date does make a difference, but don’t forget that it’s your personality and flow of conversation that should shine the most. No matter how well-dressed you are, if your outfit is more interesting than you are, there’s a good chance that the date won’t go as brilliantly as you planned.


Graduating without a life plan? That’s Ok

graduating without a plan

Is graduating without a life plan the end of the world? No, not really. Most 22 year olds don’t know what they want to do with their life, and even if they do, many will change their minds later. Still not convinced? Ok, here’s why it’s not the end of the world not to have your life planned out post graduation:

There’s no rush

This time, just after graduation, is really valuable. Take that time and figure yourself out, especially if your parents are prepared to bankroll you for a few months. If you can, think about travel or volunteering your time. After all, in aspirational roles such as fashion and publishing, working for free, or ‘for expenses’ is simply expected. It’s worth taking time to figure out what you are good at, what you enjoy, and what someone will pay you to do. If they align, that’s great, but also pretty rare.

Just remember; you’ve just achieved something incredible. This is the culmination of 3-5 years of study, hard work and placements. All at a really pivotal and transformative point in your life. Take a moment to appreciate that your hard work has paid off.

Careers have changed

It used to be that you got your degree, started at entry level at a good company, worked your way up and retired age sixty with a reasonable pension. But nowadays, statistics say that unlike the old ‘job for life’ model, most of us will have at least three separate careers in our lifetime. Not jobs, careers.
Some do it simultaneously with a ‘portfolio career’. That’s a fancy name for professionals who combine a professional part time job with, say, freelancing and a side hustle. This could be an Etsy shop, sponsored haul videos, as Sheryl Sandberg said you should see your career as ‘a jungle gym, not a ladder’. It’ll likely go up, sideways and even down, and that’s not a bad thing. After all, she worked for the White House before taking lower level jobs at unknown little tech startups – like Google and Facebook.

People change

People change. You may have completely changed your mind about your career path by the end of your degree. Some graduates spend six months in their dream field, only to realise they hate it. Others studied very specific, very narrow fields, then found that positions available were extremely scarce and competitive.  This isn’t something to panic about. Most degrees are flexible, will open doors for you, and aren’t binding. If you really end up stuck, there is always room to retrain.
Post grad qualifications are always an option, and a good one if you plan to specialise in a niche area. Be careful though; they can help you develop your skills, but can also be a way to procrastinate. Remember as well, a lot of the most successful people have ‘fallen into’ their jobs. Facebook was a side project.

Life changes

If you rush into emotional, physical and financial investment in a ‘dream job’ you need to prepare for the fact that it could be gone a year later. Your company could run into financial trouble. You could suddenly lose interest in a passion that used to consume you. A place that used to be warm and welcoming can become constricting and claustrophobic. It’s worth getting used to rolling with it, because you’ll have to at some point or another.

Others will have opinions, and that’s fine. Listen if you like – just don’t let them define you. The well meaning friend who suggests you hold out for your dream job no matter what won’t be paying your rent. The cousin that extols the virtue of corporate law won’t be the one sitting in an office at 11pm on a Friday night. Every option – more study, exotic travel, a steady job, a risky start up idea – has its pros and cons. And it’ll make you miserable if it’s not your path.

Life is beautiful and wild and messy. It won’t turn out the way you expect. And that’s ok.

This article is a guest post, kindly written by Peter Charnley, owner of Mighty Student Living. Peter enjoys sharing his advice and experience with students and graduates in his spare time.

Forza 7 day shake it slim diet; My experience

Forza shake it slim meal replacement Forza shake it slim meal replacementForza shake it slim meal replacement review

If you’ve followed me on social media you might hear me regularly rambling on about weight loss. After returning from uni having put on an entire stone (yep, freshers 14 is a thing) I’ve been desperately trying to shed some weight over summer and get back to my normal self. I’ve hit a massive plateau recently so when the PR managers of Forza got in touch about trailing their shake it slim diet I was 100% up for it.

I’ve never tried dieting any other way than eating healthy and upping my exercise before so I curiously did a load of research whilst waiting for the products to arrive. The 7 day shale it slim diet is a meal replacement diet made up of 2 daily shakes. The shakes are 204 calories each and packed with protein, vitamins and minerals to support weight loss. In order to lose weight the shakes should be taken twice a day and to maintain weight once a day.
So I put it to the test!

Usually i’d never be able to keep to a diet like this but knowing that I was writing about my experience and the results was the motivation I needed to stay focused and I managed to stick to it for the whole week. Go me!

Wanting to shift a few pounds I opted to have the drinks twice a day where I could. I made myself a little schedule whereby i’d alternate weather I was to replace breakfast and lunch, breakfast and dinner, or lunch and dinner, always making sure I was to be adding enough fruit and veg to my diet.

Having never had a shake or meal replacement drink before, and being a pretty fussy eater, I was somewhat dubious about the taste but even for my very high standards the 3 flavours were all really tasty and easy to drink. The strawberry in particular was fabulous as it tasted like a McDonalds milkshake mmm.

I thought I was going to be absolutely starving doing this diet but I wasn’t at all. The drinks were really filling, as much so as if i’d had a full meal. This made it so much easier to stick too as, even though I still got cravings, I wasn’t starved into caving.

Having hit a massive plateau in my weight loss, staying the same weight for weeks whilst doing everything I could to diet and exercise, I never thought i’d be able to lose weight on this diet, but I did! I finally got past the weight i’d been stuck on moving from 66 kilos to 64 kilos by the end of this diet.

Forza shake it slim meal replacementForza shake it slim meal replacement

So overall it’s a massive thumbs up for the Forza diet. I finally managed to busy through my weight loss wall and got to enjoy some tasty shakes along the way. I definitely want to try another week with the shake it slim program and am tempted to pick up some for my holiday next week as, as well as helping to lose weight, they’re pretty cost effective too and will save me money eating out everyday. If you want to pick some up yourself they are available for £18.99 here.

*This blog post contains products gifted to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Why you should choose college over sixth form

Why you should choose college over sixth form

The decision between sixth form and college can be hella tough, and something I don’t think 16 year olds are capable of deciding with the little information often presented to them.  I stumbled into my choice of college 4 years ago with no real knowledge to help guide my decision. Luckily I found it the best choice.  I wanna start this with a little disclaimer to try and avoid having my head bitten off by those with a different opinions. This post is by no means saying that you 100% should go to college. I’m merely stating my personal OPINION that college is the right choice, and reasoning why. Having finished 2 years of college, attended university and have remained close with friends who stayed at my schools sixth form, I feel in good stead to offer some advice on this subject. In my honest, up front opinion. Sixth form is going to push you to get better grades. If that’s all you’re looking for go there. College however, whilst still making the top grades possible, will grow you as a person, create independence, stronger friendships and put you on the right path for university. I always saw college as a half way point between school and University and here’s why:

You wont get spoon fed

At school you’re basically told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You do it and you get marked. Easy right? but if you really want to learn, stepping out of that comfort zone and into a place where you’re pushed to work independently will make things 10x’s easier when you get to University.

You learn to study independent

If you’re planning on attending university you need to learn to work independently. At sixth form if you skip a lesson someone is going to call you out on it. If you miss a term at uni, there’s a good chance your lectures won’t even notice. Although it’s not often seen as a positive that students don’t receive as much tutor attention at college, it does give you the independence to learn how to motivate yourself to work, and with slightly more consequences (my tutors would call me out if I missed a handful of lessons in a row).

There’s opportunity to make new friends.

It’s a simple fact that you’re probably not the same person you were when you started school in year 7. A lot of your friendships will remain out of habit. Comfort friendships like this are all well and good, you’re getting on, you have a lot of memories together etc, but often they can hold you back from becoming your true self. Moving to a new place and finding new friends, that fit with your personality can help bring you out of your shell, and allow you to progress as a person. This links to my next point of the opportunity of a fresh start.

Getting to a new place, meeting new people is a perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean. You could have been the laziest, least hard working student at your secondary school, but if you decide now’s the time to up your game and work towards your A levels, no one is going to be asking questions and distracting you from your aim. It also gives you the chance to start afresh, become the person you want to be without anyone knowing otherwise.

Would you choose college over sixth form? I’d love to hear peoples reasoning for each side.

A fortnight with Tinder; My Experience

Tinder experience

I’m no stranger to dating. I’ve been single and ‘dating’ on and off for the best part of 4 years, but a couple of weeks ago I tried something a little different. I unlocked my iphone and downloaded Tinder to try and use seriously, for the first time. From all the horrible things I’ve heard I was expected to be bombarded with dick picks and vomit inducing chat up lines In all honesty, it wasn’t too bad. Perhaps I got lucky. I’m unsure? I did get my share of cheesy openers and cocky man slags but apart from that, I think I did pretty well. Of course finding both my cousin and brother (ew) was somewhat traumatising, and embarrassingly swiping left and dozens of people from my primary and secondary school wasn’t great but I did match with HOTTEST guy from my old school, you know the one person that every single girl in your area knows and fancies? yes well him! He matched with me and the teenager in me may have squealed a little. Don’t judge me, he’s seriously attractive.

The cringiest I’ve heard so far has to be “You can catch flys with honey but you can catch more honeys being fly” which awkwardly enough I’ve seen on several guys profile bios. Are girls seriously attracted to that kind of thing?

Anyway, after about 5 days of using it I matched with someone that looked super cute and for the first time had a proper, in depth conversation. It is maybe a little weird talking to someone you don’t know but i’m a pretty chatty person anyway so soon enough we were discussing our favourite holiday destinations and swapping numbers.

A few days later and I went on a tinder date. An actual tinder date! It was prettt nerve wracking meeting up with someone that I didn’t know properly but i’d say it went pretty well and we’ve been out twice more this week. So yeah, if you want my opinion on using Tinder, id say go for it.

If you wanna read more dating/relationship posts check out my post on being in an open relationship.