18 simple and quick ways to improve your blog

How to imrpove your blog

Regardless to weather you’re just starting out, or are a professional blogger, there’s always ways to work on and improve your site. Upping your blogging game doesn’t have to be complicated either, there’s tonnes of simple ways to better your site. Ones that you can do right now!

  • Clear up your broken links
  • Write a guest post
  • Purchase your own domain
  • Make sure all images from new posts fit your current theme if you’ve upgraded
  • Add a custom ‘Pin it’ button
  • Chanel your personality
  • Perfect your ‘about me’ page
  • Make sure all your outbound links are set at no follow
  • Add relelvant back links to your old content
  • Write an FAQ page
  • Feature a ‘popular post’ section
  • Link your Instagram
  • Ensure your tone of voice is always consistent
  • Use key words
  • Give all images alt tags
  • Get a customer header
  • Create a catchy tag line
  • Always write meta description

Any questions on these, just ask. I’d love to here how other people work to improve their sites.




Life Lately; Withdrawing from University and Moving to London

Life lately, moving to london and withdrawing from universityI’ve never written a post of this type before. Mainly because I didn’t think anyone would read it. Right now though I just want to get my thoughts out and am not too bothered on the view count. If you are reading this, however, i’m very grateful and happy to share this new part of my life with you. Shall I just jump straight in?

Ok so the title may have been a little misleading but I wanted to be dramatic. I am withdrawing from University but will still be carrying on with my degree. At the start of the year I was so excited, adamant that id made the right choice and didn’t have a shadow of doubt that my Merseyside based Uni would be the place i’d graduate from in three years time. The idea of transferring first slipped into my mind on an off day, as I’d just discovered a university id never heard of before and it just seemed perfect for me. Without thinking about it too much I enquired about a transfer and once they agreed to it, booked an open day… things just snowballed from there really and a few weeks later id accept and offer and was calling my landlord to tell him I no longer needed my house for next year at my current university. As excited as I am it’s not to say I won’t miss my current university. I love it here. It’s going to be very hard to say goodbye to a place filled with so many great memories. In fact over the past few months I often feel ive made a mistake. The majority of people transfer university because they are not happy at their current place of study. With me that is not the case at all. I’m petrified of leaving a place that im so fond of. As I am writing this I have four days left here and can honestly say im dreading going.
So there it is, next September I will be continuing my degree at The Royal Agricultural University. A bit different right? This may seem the craziest decision but, as I don’t think ive ever expressed here before; I’m a farmer. I’ve grown up on a farm and it’s in my blood. As much as I love city life, beauty, nights out and everything I frequently write about on this site, I love and belong in the country. I cannot wait to spend the next couple of years doing the things I love; Horse riding, young farmers and sailing whilst continuing to study a Business Degree.

It’s going to be crazy weird starting a new university all over again, being a fresher in second year and not knowing any of my class mates who will have already formed friendships. As terrified as I am, I’ve always been someone who loves change and I cannot wait to start my new life there.

Speaking of change, im making another huge adaptation to my life. Next week is a busy one. I’ll be packing up my uni room, saying goodbye to my friends, spending a couple of days at home playing with my pony and then I’m repacking, and moving to London for summer. I’ve been trying my hardest this year to find a summer internship in marketing. Last week I finally found one perfect for me; working in central London for a public relations firm and the craziest part, I start next week! Although it’s extremely nerve-wrecking to happen so quickly it’s another big change in my life that I feel im ready for. I cannot wait to be living in the city, working my internship and attending events in the evenings. To top it off I’ll be living with my best friend from University that I cannot wait for.

Hopefully both these big life changes will stem to a couple of decent blog posts. I’m really excited to share my university transfer process to help others facing similar decisions. I’m both terrified and really looking forward to these two massive changes in my life. Who knows, their might be another ‘life lately’ post coming up.

How to make the most of blogging events

coffee-1128140_960_720Blogger events are predominately a fun experience, a way to meet new bloggers and brands and connect with like-mined people. For those looking to build a career, or side career out of blogging, events can be a useful networking opportunity. Building relationships is a fundamental way of growing a business (or blog) and blogging events are a key way to do so. This posts contains a few simple tips and tricks to making the most out of the valuable experience of blogging events.

Do your research

Prior to the event sit down and do your research. Find out where you’re going and what’s going on. It might interest you to learn more about the venue or the organises and having extra knowledge, or even comprising questions will allow you to be more involved on the day.

Introduce yourself before attending

A quick tweet or email to the organisers before the day is both courteous and a way to ensure yourself at least one friendly face on arrival.

Don’t be shy

Ever heard the expression ‘Better be the one who smiles first than the one who doesn’t smile back’? Well the same goes for networking. Perhaps you recognise someone from a blog post that inspired you, go up and tell them. What do you have to loose?

Be courteous

Being courteous is always important. Nothing difficult, sometimes a simple thank you or polite how is your day can land you a long way.

Listen to industry professionals

Make use of information that you’re lucky to be getting. At blogging events there’s often talks from PR teams or company managers that some people would pay a lot of money to listen too. For example I once attended a talk given by the PR team of a company that I happened to be writing an assignment on. The information I gained was so useful and the rare opportunity I had gained from a blogging event assisted me in receiving an extremely good grade.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Blog events are designed to be fun so enjoy the canopies and make friends!


Enchance your natural beauty

Enhancing your natural beauty is something anybody can do. The mistake that most women make is trying to mask their natural beauty. They pile on makeup like it’s going out of fashion, and they even resort to things like cosmetic surgery to feel better about themselves. While surgery is a personal choice, many people are turning to it these days without solving the deeper issues at hand. A lot of the time, it’s not a problem with the body part in question, but the attitude a person has towards themselves. If you want to enhance your natural beauty, here’s pretty much everything you need to know:

Tidy Up Your Brows
Never over pluck your eyebrows. They are there to frame your face! If you want to do something to them, just tidy them up carefully. If you want to spend a bit of money on them, consider having them done by a professional. Just make sure you go to somebody you can trust, as not everybody who says they can do brows are very good at them!

Define Your Brows And Lashes
If you want to make your features stand out more, defining your brows and lashes could be  a good idea. Some people like to apply blue/black tint to their lashes, as this is the darkest colour and will make your lashes stand out more. Having brows a few shades darker than your own hair will look nice too.

Take Good Care Of Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

By having healthy skin, hair, and nails, you’ll always look pretty and polished. It isn’t just about looking good, it’s about being healthy and taking care of yourself. Get into a good routine when it comes to your skin. You should be spending time moisturizing and things every day to make it look its best. You can read the best stretch mark cream reviews if that’s the kind of thing you need. Your hair and nails will look great if you just keep them clean and moisturised. Make sure you have a regular hair cut and file your nails to shape too.

2855655535_f099ebc67c_o image

Take Vitamins And Supplements 
Vitamins and supplements can be a great way to enhance your efforts and enhance your natural beauty even more. Don’t rely on them, as some of them may work for one person but do nothing for you. As long as you’re sensible you might just get decent results.

Carry Yourself Well
The way you carry yourself has a lot to do with your natural beauty and how you come across. If you don’t have much confidence, work on it until you do. You’ll instantly appear more attractive!

Don’t Feel Pressured To Be Something You’re Not
Never feel pressured to be something you’re not. You’re you, and that’s the best thing about it. We’re all amazing and unique, so work on being the best version of yourself there is!

I hope you’ve learned a few things that you want to put into practice!

What to wear to the races when on a budget

IMG_1862With the weather finally picking  up it’s becoming the perfect season for racing. With Cheltenham and Aintree been and gone we’ve seen some incredible, and some incredibly weird outfit choices. Lady’s day at the races is a great opportunity to dress up, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. For my recent trip to the Grand National I put together a budget race day outfit.

The Dress
For the main outfit I was toying between a jumpsuit and a dress. As smart and elegant as jumpsuits can I ended up opting for a dress as I felt it was more ‘Spring like’. After A LOT of shopping I discovered this perfect dress from Newlook for just £14! The colour is perfect for Spring and i’ve always loved off the sholder dresses for flattering my figure. I was soo happy to have found the perfect dress for such a low price.

What to wear for a day at the races IMG_1859

The Shoes
Luckily for me I already had a pair of shoes that would go perfectly with the dress. The Kurt Geiger Kennedy shoes I’d brought for a party were finally going to have another use! Although I did end up swapping them for flip flops on the journey home the small 3 each stilletoes were much more suitable than some 6 or 7 inch heels some were trying to walk in!

IMG_1861 IMG_1863

The Hair
As much as i’d love to have my hair done professional for events I just can’t justify it- one day! Instead of spending a fortune on an updo I picked up a blue clip from Newlook for a couple of pounds, curled the ends and clipped loosely clipped the front section of hair back. Although this isn’t a style i’d usually wear I ended up really liking it and received a lot of complements so definitely something i’ll be trying again.


All together I had a great day at the races and LOVED my outfit. What would you wear to the races? Would you go big on the spending or stick to budget like me?